Sodium Aerosol Detector Electronics

Sodium Aerosol Detector Electronics

SAD System consists of Sodium Ionization Detector (SID) and Sodium Aerosol Detector electronics (SADE).

SAD System is used for detecting Sodium leak from pipelines and tanks. Sampling lines are routed through the area being monitored. Sample drawn by the blower are directed to the detector.

The detector operates on ionization principle.The detector consists of a filament, which is maintained at 900C by passing a constant current of 2.8 A DC through it.The filament is held at a positive potential at 200V DC with respect to the collector plate and the ION current from the collector plate of the detector is measured.

Sodium Aerosol Detector Electronics

Transducer Features:

  • Fabricated out of SS304
  • Platinum Filament with 99.95% Purity
  • Insulation resistance greater than lOOM
  • Rugged Construction
  • Teflon insulated connector for ION current measurement
Sodium Aerosol Detector Electronics

Electronics Features:

  • EMI/EMC Qualified as per CISPR 11 Standards
  • Environmental tests done as per IS9000
  • Ethernet Interface
  • 3U 19″ Rack Mountable Chassis
  • ION current measurement from lpA to lu.A
  • 7-Seg LED display for ION Current
  • Fall Safe Alarm Trip Contacts
  • Support up to 16 Channels