Continuous Level Monitoring System

Continuous Level Monitoring System

The Continuous level probe is working on the principle of variation of mutual inductance between two windings, when they are immersed in an electrically conducting fluid such as liquid Sodium. The Continuous Level MeasuringSystem consists of MI Type Continuous Level Probe (CLP) and its Electronics (CLPE).

The Continuous Level Measuring System is used to monitor the level of liquid Sodium in vessels and tanks of Fast Breeder Reactors, which uses liquid Sodium as coolant.

Transducer Features:

  • Fabricated out of SS316L
  • High Operating temperature up to 550°C
  • 1mm Mineral Insulated Cable used as Sensing Element
  • Biological Shielding for Radiation Protection
  • Leak Tightness of the Pocket is more than 10.s Pa/m3 of Helium
  • Sensor Active Length up to 9999 mm

Electronics Features:

  • EMI/EMC Qualified as per CISPR 11 Standards
  • Environmental tests done as per IS9000
  • Ethernet Interface
  • 3U 19″ Rack Mountable Chassis
  • Online In-Situ Test
  • 0 to lOVDC Isolated Analog Output
  • Alarm Trip Contacts