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Company Overview

A brief introduction to our company!

Control Technology was constituted in 1991 under the guidance of Mr.A Dinesh Kumar, an Alumni of Regional Engineering College, Calicut and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

With over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience in special purpose electronic instrumentation  systems, including transducers for the measurement and control of physical parameters,like Weight, Force,Pressure, Level, Flow, Temperature and Vibration; we could generate an elite client base in a short time.

The company’s strategy has been to develop customized solutions, to meet the needs of its customers. Control Technology has a reputation for quality, innovation in design and high levels of reliability in its products,coupled with excellent customer service.

About the Director


Dinesh  Kumar. A,  Managing Director
Graduated from Regional Engineering College, Calicut with B.Sc(Engg)
Post Graduate Diploma, DIISc in Electronic Design Technology from Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore
Distinguished Alumni (2014) of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
45 years of experience in Industrial Measurement and Controls

To  be   a   leading   solution   provider   in  Nuclear lnstrumentation  & Control,  Industrial Automation  and Oceanographic Instruments.

Committed to satisfy expectations of our customers and employees with focus on Continuous improvement.

Control  Technology  designs  and   manufactures Special  Purpose   Electronic Instrumentation Systems  including Transducers  for the  measurement and control of physical parameters like Weight, Force, Pressure, Level, Flow, Temperature and Vibration.

Our capabilities include the measurement of DC Voltages and Currents of the order of nano-volts  and  Pico ampere  with high degree  of precision; generation of stable, tunable frequency  sources – from a few milli-Hertz to Mega Hertz; High Power Constant  current source ; Tuned Filters; Sodium instrumentation systems, Strain Gauge based Special Purpose Transducers, High Speed Data Acquisition Systems and Signal Conditioning Cards.

Control Technology offers both Electronics and Mechanical design and manufacturing.

Control Technology is based in Bangalore, India, houses the corporate office as well as:

  • Research and development
  • Application engineering
  • Design and Production planning
  • Marketing
  • Sales and customer support

With more than 4000 sq ft of work space,  the company  has the resources to support  its business requirements. Within the company the business isself-supporting using the resources developed  over the previous 25 years of operation. The investment  has been in the most modem IT systems to support all the functions of the  business.  In addition  to the administration facility this establishment is responsible for production, assembly and testing of the full range of Control Technology products.